Although the ARB is capable to cut the 5 most common contours for a wide range of pipes, it sometimes happens that you want to cut a peculiar circular shape. Maybe not even  on a pipe but for example on a dome.

For these special assignments Stako developed the 6th cut – the teach function. The possibilities are unlimited because you define the contour to cut yourself. First position the ARB like you normally do. So the centerpoint in the middle of the circular contour  you want to cut. After starting up and homing the machine the teaching can start. Manually move the torch down to the correct cutting height. This will be the first teach point.  A simple push on a button will store this teach point. Move the machine manually further using the normal switches for manual movement of the axis of rotation and translation. When correct positioned a push on the button will store this new teach point. Continue this procedure to define the complete contour.

Between the teach points the ARB will use interpolation to determine the correct position.

You are free to choose the number of teach points (minimal 9 - maximal 90) and the placed you want them. This will prevent you from the need to give in teach points on places where it is less necessary. But on difficult places you can intensify the teach points.

(the red line is the contour to cut. The green points represented teach points).



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