Stako has recently delivered and commissioned two Magnum CNC cutting machines. The instructions were clear, replace a outdated cutting machine with a new CNC cutting machine equipped with the latest cutting technology that increases the productivity, quality and profitability. During our first visit on location, we obtain an inventory of specific needs and wishes. Afterwards we visit the production area.

After a visit in the production facilities the decision what to offer was clear. We offered our masterpiece, the Stako Magnum! This robust machine is designed to endure heavy cutting and has proven itself in the metal industry. The machine is built to get the most out of the working area and can easily be moved to another location.

The customer was more than eager when they heard of our Green- Label water table. The customer cuts much wear- resistant materials (like Hardox) which by cutting under water almost preserve their material properties. Cutting under water actually in this case saved the investment in a highly expensive filter unit. The energy saving and environmentally friendly cutting table is designed with removable dividers to create a flexible cutting area, from 6.000x15.000mm. Resulting in a maximum plasma cutting area of 3.500x15.000mm. The plasma portal is equipped with two bevel cutting heads, type Pantograph. For a high cutting quality and result, the plasma portal is equipped with two plasma sources, Hypertherm HPR400XD.

DSC 0382

To reach its full potential, one of the Pantograph bevel heads, is equipped with our exchange unit. This provides a quick way to transfer from bevel cutting with plasma to oxyfuel cutting.

The oxyfuel portal, with a cutting area of 3.500x8.000mm, has 4 oxyfuel torches with flame control, to make cutting without an operator possible. The fully automatic digital gas console allows material to pierce up to 150mm thickness.

To fully utilize the processing options and to fulfil the customer’s needs we mounted a marking unit, the Stakoliner.

DSC 0369

 DSC 0370

Cutting quality: under water – plasma test 40mm steel.
DSC 0388


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