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A new future at Stako
Working at Stako means variety, the focus of new technologies, individually or in a project within the country or geographical boundaries.

From day one you get your own responsibilities. This underlines the importance in your development. We offer you enough space and opportunity for growing, gaining knowledge and experience and to share this.

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Stako offers you the ideal opportunity to gain experience in practice. With the theory as a good basis you will be given the opportunity in practice to execute, and by developing you're skills. And maybe you command a step toward a job with us.

Internship and graduation assignments can be found in all parts of our business. Interested in an internship Stako? Please contact us.

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Stako BV was founded in 1986 by Wim Peters and, as befits a true family business, was taken over in 2007 by his son Markus Peters.

Stako BV started out in 1986 as a sevice provider for wellknown cutting machine suppliers. Because of the expertise and experience gained in this period, Stako developed and grew in the design and construction of cutting machines. The first Stako CNC cutting machine came out in 1989! This machine was very successful and Stako's reputation grew outside the Netherlands. In addition to the headquarters in Wijchen,  an extra location was opened in 1994  in the Ruhr area in Germany.  Stako has since been active outside the Benelux and until now has delivered machines all over the world.

Mark Peters - Stako

Here are some developments over the years.

  • 1989 development CNC controlled cutting machine oxyfuel with software 
  • 1998 development plasma cutting machine Magnum
  • 2001 development pipe cutting machine in combination with 
    plate cutting machine
  • 2001 development waterjet cutting machine
  • 2002 development automatical bevel cutting
  • 2005 development rotoplasma cutting for the Magnum
  • 2006 commissioning particularly of Nestingsoftware StakoNest
  • 2008 development de Omnium
  • 2010 development, the pipe and profile cutting machine - Variprofile
  • 2011 development Pantograph, Millingcenter and 3D Cutting
  • 2013 development, Lateral, Tangential cutting  


Customer oriented for a perfect solution

Because Stako is a medium sized company, we are able to respond directly to the specific developments in the world market.

Vision and mission

Stako wants to produce CNC cutting machines ánd deliver services as the client wishes.

Our vision is to be seen worldwide as partners, innovators and builders of (environmentally friendly) cutting machines.

This is reflected in our mission: to offer our customers good support in the innovation, maintainace and optimization of their production process by providing solutions according to the latest technological developments.

The customer can count on receiving the ideal economic combination to optimize their production!

Since the late-eighties Stako delivers high quality, innovative CNC cutting machines (plasma, oxy fuel, water jet and laser). We are a true family business. The corresponding passion and commitment is endorsed by everyone within the organization and these values are reflected on the relationship with our customers.

In close cooperation with our customers, we offer a qualitative solution for every cutting need.

Through the years we have developed a wide range of CNC cutting machines for plate and pipe cutting. These machines can be equipped with the most modern techniques, such as bevel cutting.

Besides our standard range of CNC cutting machines, Stako specializes in “custom made” cutting solutions. Our R&D Department invites you to challenge them in creating a solution for your cutting needs!

In addition to innovation and quality, Service and Aftersales are a high priority for Stako. Because the entire production line is in own hands and in combination with years of experience, we can offer the best service. Providing the best and most efficient service, we strive for minimum downtime, forming a good base for future collaboration.

Our ambition is to obtain and to hold the most prominent position in the world of CNC cutting. To achieve this goal we aspire to be a transparent and reliable partner for our customers. We would like to invite you to share with us your ideas and problems regarding your cutting process.

You are more than welcome to visit Stako and enter our Art of cutting.



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